The CoE will consist of a Steering Committee, an Advisory Committee, and Project Teams. The advisory committee will consist of members from within and outside Indian Railways. For example, these members may be experts from academia and industry. Their primary role will be to advise project teams on applying AI/ML/Data Science tools and techniques. Members will liaison with the Steering Committee and help identify (create project proposals) projects for South Central Railways (SCR) and Indian Railways at large

Prof. Milind Sohoni

Dr Milind Sohoni
Area Leader & Professor, Operations Management

Deputy Dean - Academic Affairs Research Director - PLIIM, ISB

Prof. Sumit Kunnumkal

Dr. Sumit Kunnumkal
Associate Professor, Operations Management

Executive Director-FPM Programme, ISB

Prof. Sripad Devalkar

Dr. Sripad Devalkar
Associate Professor, Operations Management

Research Director - MIGM, ISB

Prof. Sumanta Singha

Dr. Sumanta Singha
Assistant Professor, Information Systems, ISB