Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analytics are at the leading edge of the current information technology revolution. With advancements in sensor technology and cloud computing, industries worldwide have generated an enormous amount of data. This data is a valuable asset that can be used to create solutions, opportunities, and insights. Analytics is now being adopted increasingly within companies in all sectors as a strategic tool to accelerate innovation, ensure better decision making, improve customer experience, enhance productivity, and forecast demand. The logistics and transportation sector is no exception to this trend.

AI and analytics have significantly transformed the logistics and transportation industry. Due to increased digitization and the adoption of innovative technology such as smartphones, sensors, GPS, and the Internet of Things (IoT), the transportation sector is generating a massive amount of data. This large volume of data has enabled AI-powered systems to improve the efficiency, agility, and safety of modern transportation and minimize human error.

South Central Railways (SCR) has been at the forefront of leading AI and analytics initiatives in the Indian railways (IR). SCR has been nominated to set up a “Center of Excellence (CoE) for AI and Analytics” with the Indian School of Business (ISB) as a knowledge partner in this effort. As part of the CoE, SCR plans to implement multiple projects as proof of concepts for improving the operational efficiency of IR operations using AI and Data Analytics. The CoE aims to build capacity within SCR, and more broadly in IR, to adopt the global practice of AI and analytics.

 To aid this effort, the CoE will develop a knowledge portal housing a collection of focused resources to build a culture of learning and knowledge sharing. The portal will be accessible to all members of the CoE and staff at SCR. The resource center on the portal is envisaged as a one-stop solution for SCR staff to access information regarding the latest e-Books, videos, academic research papers, among other resources in the fields of AI and analytics worldwide. Users will also be able to access the training material of the courses offered through the CoE. Additionally, the projects being undertaken at SCR would be showcased on the website. A resource directory page is proposed to easily allow users to search for resources across the portal by filtering according to a category, sub-category, and publication year. The latest updates on AI and analytics will be displayed on the portal's homepage to foster interest amongst the users and encourage the adoption of cutting-edge technology at SCR.